About Us

boost is the platform for the strategic transformation of the HR functions. We help HR to increase their impact to the bottom line.
We want to be partner of choice for all HR professionals in Spain.
Innovation, diversity, development, empowerement, transparency.

Alfonso Roig

Alfonso Roig has been driving business transformation for years. He helps organisations seize the business opportunities in a fast-changing business environment. Often, people management plays a vital role.

Alfonso worked in several technological corporations in EMEA and Asia Pacific and as independent consultant helping companies of different industries and sizes in their transformation. His experience includes process, structure, compensation, business model improvement, as well as talent attaction, development and innovation.

His focus is on finding areas where a change is preferable and offers a growth opportunity. Having the right talent and motivation leads to effective collaboration among teams and professionals.


The Binternational Group: binternational

The Binternational Group solves the problems of enterprises regarding people and make them more profitable.
The Binternational Group is composed of two different brands of specialised recruitment, binternational and b2b recruitment, as well as the strategical transformation platform of Human Resources, boost.