Terms & Conditions

General conditions for companies

BINTERNATIONAL SPAIN SRL, Tax ID  ES-B86498268 (hereinafter «binternational»), is the rightful owner of the website boostpeople.es and is registered in the trade register of Madrid, volume 30071, folio 24, first entry and page M-541285 and is located in Diego de León 57-2º centro derecha, 28006, Madrid.

binternational reserves the right to modify the design, presentation and/or configuration of this website without prior notice, as well as to modify some or all services and to add new services.

The trademark of the Client will be provided so that it will be included alongside the job vacancy unless the Client expresses its willingness against it. The user shall own all the necessary copyrights and royalties of the aforementioned trademark so that binternational will not be considered responsible for any illegitimate use thereof.

The Client authorises binternational to transfer the information regarding the potential Applicants through the email.

binternational reserves the right in its sole and reasonable discretion to refuse to offer its services to any company or organisation.

Job vacancies that discriminate on grounds of gender, race or disability are illegal and may initiate legal proceedings against the company. Any company that posts an offer contrary to the current legislation will assume the exclusive responsibility of any damage, loss or consequence derived from it, thereby exempting binternational from any liability.

binternational will immediately remove these job vacancies without the prior consent of the Company.

It is not allowed to post any contact data/web link in the content/headline of the job vacancy. In case that any kind of contact data/web link in the job vacancy is posted, binternational will edit and remove the content of such contact data/web link.

The contracted services that binternational will provide the Client are those exclusively expressed in the contract and for the purpose declared in this document.

The Client commits himself to use the services of binternational exclusively for the declared purpose of this document.


boost is a brand of BINTERNATIONAL SPAIN SRL that offers its national and international clients strategic transformation services in the Human Resources área from the organizational update, the improvement of the employee experience and the definition of the Human Resources strategy. The conditions of this service will be regulated through a contract signed by both parties. In order to have a detailed knowledge of the different services of boost, please contact us through the email address boost@grupobinternational.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Intra-comunity fiscal number

In case that the client has an intra-Comunity fiscal number, he is entitled to contact the financial department to request a corrected invoice for the equivalent value to the collected tax. The client must send an email to b.calvo@grupobinternational.com with the subject “Corrected invoice” including the intra-Comunity fiscal number in the email’s body.

binternational will proceed to verify the information provided and if everything is correct, we will proceed to reimburse the collected tax without delay.

Effective date

The present provision comes into force from the moment of entering into the agreement of service delivery through the signature of both parts and after the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the GDPR legislation, which entered into force on 05/25/2018.

About the responsibilities of binternational

As a measure against the falsification of documents (applicants in bad faith), binternational will not be liable regarding the lack of truthfulness of neither the provided data of the Applicants in their CV nor the data provided later to the Client by the Applicant.  Therefore, binternational will not be liable for any damages caused to the Client or third parties that may derive from untruthful data that the Applicant has provided.

binternational will not assume any responsibility if the Applicant notifies his/her intention to resign after the contract with the Client is signed.

binternational does not assume any kind of responsibility for damages that may derive from the relationship between the Client and the Applicant for the job vacancy in the company organisation. Also, we will not assume any obligation or responsibility regarding the management, development and possible unsuccessful or harmful result of the interviews or communications between the Client and Applicant.

In case that the Client makes a complaint to binternational, whichever the reason, binternational’s responsibility (if any) will never exceed the price paid or to be paid for the Client’s services. Under no circumstances, binternational will assume any consequential, direct, indirect or special losses as a result of any loss of profit, income, interest, goodwill or any other related to the business.

In relation to the posting of job vacancies, binternational will provide the contracted services using the information and criteria provided by the Client. The Client assumes the responsibility of providing accurate and updated information.

The delay in posting the job vacancies due to Spanish bank holidays will never be attributable to binternational.

binternational will not breach the obligations contained within the present conditions if certain events, which are not under his control or in case of force majeure, prevent binternational to provide its services in accordance with these General Conditions for Companies.

About the responsibilities of the client

The Client commits himself to treat data confidentially (especially names, postal addresses, email, telephone or fax numbers), as well as email messages, other kinds of messages and notifications of the Applicants to job vacancies within their organisation to whom they may have established communication through binternational.

The Client declares that at the moment of entering into an agreement with binternational, he is not pursuing any other purpose than the one expressed in the scope of this contract, i. e. to request the Applicants he needs to fulfill his job vacancies in his business organisation to binternational.

The Customer’s acceptance of the proposal submitted by BINTERNATIONAL implies that the Customer accepts the economic conditions described in the proposal with the corresponding payment and invoicing milestones. In addition, the Customer shall bear the cost of travel and travel expenses incurred by BINTERNATIONAL’s professionals in order to provide the contracted service.

Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights related to the services and/or the website will remain the property of binternational. The Client is not allowed to reproduce, copy, modify, adapt, publish, transfer, distribute or in any case, commercially exploit any material protected by the intellectual property rights.


The Parts agree to maintain strict confidentiality over any data o information provided by one of the Parts to the other, to which one of the Parts has acceded and/or to which is known as a result of the collaboration implied in the subject of the present Contract, especially any information related to technical knowledge, know-how, methodologies, products, services, clients or commercial activities from the other Part, (hereinafter, the Confidential Information) not allowing that such information is transferred or is accessible to non-authorised third parties, with the exception of the service personnel of any of the aforementioned Parts.

The confidentiality obligations established in the present Clause will be in force during the entire period of the contract and they will remain in force indefinitely once the validity of the contract expires.

Principle of conservation of the contract

The invalidity of one or more clauses of the present General Terms and Conditions does not affect the validity of the rest of the clauses. If any clause is considered invalid or excluded, it will be replaced by the applicable legal provision.

The present General Terms and Conditions are subject to laws from the Kingdom of Spain.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present General Conditions will be governed by the Spanish legislation.

Any disagreement that may arise between the contracting parties derived from the conclusion and development of this contract will be referred to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.